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N74 Hanging Rod Clip

N74 Plain Hanging Rod Clip for Purlins, Trusses and Joists

The N74 Hanging Rod Clip is designed to fix to a variety of surfaces to suspend N21 Hanging Rod to. Featuring 3 fixing holes the N74 can be fixed with either a screw of nail depending on the substrate.

As the N74 is fixed to the side of the substrate the fixings are in a shear action, this is the strongest method of fixing. Due to its fail-safe installation method the N74 is the most reliable method of suspending suspended ceilings from purlins or trusses.

The N74 Hanging Rod Clip is commonly used in the following applications

  • Suspended from Steel C Section Purlin’s
  • Suspended from Timber Joists
  • Suspended from both Steel and Timber trusses
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