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N18 16.5mm Ceiling Batten

Ceiling Batten Description

N18, 16.5mm Ceiling Batten is a ceiling batten used in most domestic applications. Manufactured from 0.45bmt Galvanised steel N18 ceiling batten offers many advantages over the traditional timber battens. Capable of spanning 1200mm spaced at 450mm centres with 1 layer of 10mm plasterboard it creates a flatter ceiling, that is less subject to cracking from frame movement.

N18 Ceiling Battens features a knurled surface that provides superior adhesion for plasterboard glue and makes it easier to screw sheets to.

Manufactured from a soft-feed material Nashco Ceiling Batten is different from other metal ceiling batten on the market. Being a softer, but thicker gauge material means that the N18 ceiling batten is sturdier and less likely to puncture when fixing it with a framing gun. It is also easier to screw to making sheeting the installed battens easier.

Ceiling Batten Application

N18 Ceiling Batten is used in the residential market. It is fixed to the Timber trusses and is used to provide a stable framing surface that is separate to the load-bearing frame/trusses. It is typically fixed with a framing nail through the face of the batten to the underside of the truss.

For a superior finish, which is often required in high-end prestige homes, Batten clips are used to provide a flexible joint between the ceiling and the structure. The Part# Description Length N1848 16.5mm Ceiling Batten 0.45bmt 4800mm N1860 16.5mm Ceiling Batten 0.45bmt 6000mm

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