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LPS Low Profile TCR Hanger

LPS Low Profile Hanging Rod to Top Cross Rail Clip (Springhanger)

LPS Top Cross Rail Clip Description

Top Cross Rail Springhanger Clips are used in Concealed Suspended Ceiling as the connection between the Top Cross Rail and the N21 Hanging Rod. Manufactured from zinc-plated spring steel, Top Cross Rail Springhanger Clips grasp the N21 Hanging Rod and can be easily adjusted by squeezing the lugs and moving the clip on the rod.

LPS Top Cross Rail clips are designed to clip to the side of the N27 Top Cross Rail. This means that the LPS clips can be used in small ceiling cavity.

LPS Top Cross Rail Clip Application

LPS clips are most commonly used in ceilings that have tight ceiling cavity due to services, or simply that they are required to be installed tight to the soffit. This is often seen in High Rise Apartments, where ceiling cavities are typically small.

LPS cannot be used with the N28 Top Cross Rail, so are not often used in high-load applications, where the N60 is typically used.

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